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Adriana Gómez
Yecid Robayo Ruiz

Adriana Gómez Navarro is a designer who graduated from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, with a Master in Interior Design from Arizona State University in the USA. She specialised in interior design and brand identity, and now designs furniture and furnishing acessories, developing a variety of joint ventures in different countries. She says that every challenge conceals a great story and particular ecosystem. Her journey through life has taken her to countries such as Mexico, Brazil and the US, but she now lives in Switzerland. This lifestyle has put her in touch with different cultures, fostering an empathic attitude to a variety of operative approaches. A curious traveller and meditation enthusiast, she is interested in conscious and sustainable design which places the accent on man and the environment. “I design for stories worth being lived, finding meaning as we experience life. Whether it’s brands, furnishings, works of art, interiors or people, I always concentrate on the human experiences. I want people to flow and find joy. We need resilience and sustainable wellbeing to face the complexity of our times; design is an instrument which can help us achieve what we want,” she declares.

Yecid Robayo Ruiz is a Colombian wood craftsman with more than 35 years of experience in creating practical, decorative objects including vases, utensils, sculptures and furniture. His work as a master carpenter embraces different types of wood, and techniques such as wood turning, carving and cabinetmaking. Yecid works with certified wood, but also plants and grows trees that help promote circularity. He trains younger generations in his atelier and in many prestigious Colombian schools, passing on his experience with passion. Over the course of his career, he has received awards such as the medal for excellence in woodworking from Artesanías de Colombia, and has taught at the Fundación Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo. He represented Colombia at the World Woodworking Day in Turkey, has been invited to teach at the University of Fine Arts of Shanghai, China and has received an award at the Biennial of Design of Artesanias de Colombia and Fomento Cultural Banamex.

Adriana Gomez Navarro


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