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Arturo Pozzoli

Valet-stand in the shape of a mannequin. A rare declination of the time-honoured technique of wickerwork was chosen: the typical style of the Italian artisans is visible in the peculiar pattern. The material, a long cane with its typical pale tone, derives from the central part of wicker; after being soaked, it is curved and intertwined by hand.

Italian craftsmanship is a timeless beauty. This is the concept underpinning Eligo, the new international brand which aims at enhancing the unique artisan archetypes of Italian excellence throughout history. Eligo is the evolutionary development through which Segno Italiano becomes an international project, able to carry onward the already launched collection (thanks to Domenico Rocca’s creative direction and Leo Prusicki’s commercial management). It opens up new pathways to design, both in terms of new collections and interior architecture, thanks to the Eligo Studio division, led by Alberto Nespoli. Eligo, from the Latin verb eligere (to choose), expresses in just one word the brand’s attention for the “choice” of the product; an aesthetic, ethic, geographical and qualitative choice, reaching out to an international public.
Arturo Pozzoli
Established in Inverigo in 1977 as a small workshop in the heart of the Brianza area, the company Arturo Pozzoli has become a benchmark for the processing of natural fibers like rattan, manao, cane, rush, wicker and manilla. Coming from the tropical jungles of South-East Asia, they are being interwoven with skilled craftsmanship, to create home furnishings and bespoke products. Their production caters to all needs and requirements, from rattan armchairs, tables and sofas, to woven Vienna straw and rush chairs, sideboards, chest of drawers,beds, up to decorative household items and small home accessories. The atelier also performs restoration works.


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