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Katztudio, a Finnish glassworks set up in a converted former factory in Tampere in 2016, is an enterprise run by partners in work and life, Dylan and Greta Katz, artists and artisans who are also husband and wife. Greta, who was born in Tampere, is more focused on design, and has a Fine Arts BA in ceramics and design from the MIU in Iowa. Dylan is an American independent glass artist with over 20 years of experience working with this material, which he has studied and experimented with in various courses under the guidance of different teachers, combining traditional Scandinavian techniques of glassblowing with the style of the American Studio Glass Movement. The meeting with Greta and the discovery of Tampere decided his destiny.

Their creativity is inspired by the idea that beauty should be accessible to everyone in this life. And that ancient craft traditions are an artistic, cultural and human heritage to be preserved for the benefit of the community. Each piece is made entirely by hand in the studio, a unique and individual work of art. ‘Our work is designed to be accessible to people who have always loved art glass but are often forgotten by the bigger studios and galleries who cater to the high-end crowd. With our small-scale studio and equipment we can deliver a high-end product to fit any budget.’ In keeping with this philosophy, the studio often hosts courses and workshops.



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