Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence

Matteo Cibic
Bottega Gadda

Coffee-tables realised with thin leaves of copper and brass, playing on the contrast between shiny finishing and brushed oxidized parts; the bas-relief and chiselling techniques required a painstaking hand working, as the noble Italian art of forging metal demands.

The latest projects of Matteo Cibic include creating an iridescent texture, sheathing Rome’s Tim Towers like a digital garment, and the VasoNaso research project for which he designed a limited edition of ceramics pieces. Cibic divides himself between projects and site-specific installations: his work covers both art and design. Over the last 10 years, Cibic and his team have developed products and creative ideas for international companies, private collectors and cultural institutions. His works are on display in many international museums. He loves creating small series, on display in art galleries (Rossana Orlandi, Milan; Mint Gallery, London; Secondome, Rome; Future Perfect, New York; Superego, Asti).
Bottega Gadda
Bottega Gadda was founded in the 1970s, prompted by the wish of the eclectic sculptor and engraver Carlo Gadda to combine his artisanal passion with a great attention to materials and design. Gadda’s production, firstly based on materials like gold, silver and precious stones, later featured naturalistic themes, thanks to Gadda’s cooperation with architect Carlo Giorgi, using materials like copper, pewter and brass. The lamps recreating big rhubarb, wisteria or ginkgo biloba leaves are among the best-known and most meaningful creations springing from Gadda’s and Giorgi’s creative union. The workshop is now headed by Claudio Gianuzzi, who is carrying forward the founder’s tradition as well as preserving his innovative spirit.


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