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Matteo Cibic
Simone Crestani

Matteo Cibic Studio is an experimental creative atelier based in Milan. In the last 15 years, it has developed products and ideas for international firms, private collectors and cultural organisations. Matteo Cibic, born in Parma in 1983, is an artist and transmedia designer who is well-known for his playful objects and installations that combine practicality and luxury. He approaches every project from a fun but luxury-oriented angle, and works with a vast range of clients, from high-tech firms to brands and top-flight design and contemporary art galleries. His creations are inspired by the forms of both man and animals alike. Their subtle irony and taste for colour always ensures the result is highly refined and exquisite. With a strong background in industrial processes and small-scale artisan techniques, Cibic’s work blurs the boundaries between art and design, forging a hybrid style which is truly unique of its kind. Whether it’s an object with a bizarre function or a sculpture with a joyful shape, his work always sees complete freedom of imagination and a taste for divertissement, whilst also revealing an interest in human relationships and social issues.

Simone Crestani is an artist and master glassmaker who, after his training, opened his own atelier in the Vicenza area. He started out aged just fifteen in the glass blowing workshop of master craftsman Massimo Lunardon, and has remained fascinated by the material ever since. His experimentation expands the horizons of glass craftsmanship, exploring new forms and production techniques in the process. Nature and the animal kingdom are his inspiration, and he interprets them with great creative verve, poetry and outstanding technical skill. His material of choice is borosilicate glass, which he blows into bold and fantastical sculptural forms that are often surprising, bringing masterpieces of lightness and transparency to life. His approach to borosilicate glass is more sculptural than traditional, allowing him to craft large works whilst lavishing painstaking attention on every detail. From vases with octopus tentacles to serpentine figures, from bonsais to blossoming trees shaped like candlesticks to bottles with lids that recall animal horns, his pieces are unmistakeably unique, the perfect union of tradition and innovation.

Simone Crestani


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