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Natalia Criado
La Fucina di Efesto

Natalia Criado was born and raised in Colombia, and discovered her talent for design at a young age. Her creative journey led her to earn a degree in industrial design from Milan’s IED institute, where she further honed her skills and launched her own jewellery and accessories brand in 2011. Drawing inspiration from pre-Columbian shapes, her work embodies the fusion between the cultural heritage of Colombia, her birthplace, and Italy, her adopted home. Working closely with master artisans from both countries, she skilfully blends contemporary design with craftsmanship, resulting in items which feature minimalist geometric shapes. Natalia views artisans as creative partners, valuing their expertise and integrating it into her design process. By creating entirely handcrafted pieces, working with materials such as brass, glass, ceramic and gems, she not only adds value to her creations but also delivers products grounded in authenticity and cultural awareness. Her design process harnesses an experimental spirit that leads her to explore the transformative nature of metals and other materials.

La Fucina di Efesto was founded by Alessandro Rametta in Milan in 1997 as a hub for research and experimentation, sitting at the crossroads of art, design and architecture. As a master metal craftsman, he creates extraordinary works that combine ancient artisan wisdom with contemporary technique and design. It is a hothouse of artistic experimentation where creations, often produced on a large scale, blend sculpture, design and unique fine craftsmanship. The atelier works with iron, steel, copper and brass, leveraging all the possibilities offered by artisan craftsmanship and new techniques. It delves into the formal, chromatic and sculptural potential of metal, yielding works marked by dynamism and lightness, imbued with a deeply poetic touch and a strong sense of colour. Harnessing sophisticated technical skills, La Fucina not only works with artists, collectors and enthusiasts but also with architectural, design and interior decorating firms, and also restores metal items of historical importance.

Natalia Criado
La fucina di Efesto


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