Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence

Peter Bremers
Zdenĕk Lhotský

Two great artists, who have both chosen glass as a means of expression, come together to create a project of significant aesthetic force and meaning. The work of Dutch sculptor Peter Bremers is inspired by nature, travel and his deep interest and appreciation of the cultural and religious diversity of the world. His vision is characterised by a strong spirituality and in every creation he seeks a synthesis between the profane and the celestial. Zdenĕk Lhotský trained at the studio of an important Czech glass artist, Stanislav Libenský, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Over time his work became more visible and his talent and research-based approach more appreciated, and he became known internationally as an expert in the technique of glass fusing.

He has been experimenting for a long time with a special method of glass casting called Vitrucell, developing a process that no one has been able to replicate to date. “Lhotský offered me the opportunity to translate my subject matter into transparent, translucent and optical sculptures in a variety of colours and textures, always playing with light and transformation,” says Bremers. “His knowledge and sublime art helped me to put my dreams and inspirations into glass. I believe this collaboration has helped me to not only understand glass as a medium in a better way, but also to explore new ways of using this material, pushing the boundaries of shape and size, sometimes challenging its technical possibilities to the maximum. I believe that during this process I also pushed Lhotský to new levels of technical and artistic expression.”

Peter bremers
Zdenĕk Lhotský


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