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Pierre Marie
Lison de Caunes

Born in 1982, artist and designer Pierre Marie lives and works in Paris. His multidisciplinary design studio creates art, design and interior pieces for private customers and companies, as well as a variety of decorative objects and furnishing accessories which are available at his Gallery. He has long-standing collaborations with various luxury brands including Hermès, and his artistic approach combines narration with ornament and an exceptionally creative, exuberant style he expresses through projects with talented master artisans. With a background in fashion and artistic creative direction, his work has found a variety of applications for reviving and showcasing traditional decorative arts. In particular, over the years he has nurtured a passion for the art of tapestry and glazing, both of which are pivotal to his studio’s work. His own highly personal, complex creative universe is in constantly evolving, inspired by distant times and worlds, and features a highly refined decorative taste and a special sensitivity for motifs, colours and designs.

Lison de Caunes studied at the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs of Paris. She decided to continue in the footsteps of decorator grandfather Andre Groult, and began working with straw marquetry in the Seventies, rapidly going on to become an acknowledged specialist in the field. She spent years in the Paris atelier restoring antique furnishings and antique objects ranging from the seventeenth century to the Art Déco period. Today she dedicates her time to crafting furniture, wood panelling or objects for interiors, working also to commissions awarded by designers and decorators. In 2015, she launched Lison de Caunes Création, her own range of straw marquetry furniture. Over the years she has curated various exhibitions and published a number of books on this artform, dedicating herself to raising the artform’s profile with passion. Her outstanding know-how has earned Lison de Caunes a Maître d’Art award, as well as being a Membre des Grands Ateliers de France and Membre des Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant.

Lison de Caunes


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