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Zoé Piter
Maximilien Pellet

Zoé Piter graduated in interior architecture from the Parisian École Boulle in 2013. After training at the Pratt Institute in New York, she began working for architect Franklin Azzi, with whom she shared a taste for work which crosses a variety of disciplines. Since their first encounter in 2019 at the Toulon Design Parade, Maximilien Pellet and Zoé Piter have regularly worked with Villa Noailles, a stately residence in Toulon and now a reference point for artists and the creative professions, not to mention an important cultural centre. Under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Blanc, the Festival international de la mode et de la photographie is held there annually, along with the Design Parade and various architecture and photography exhibitions, and workshops for children. The creative duo also creates projects for interiors, sets, furniture and furnishing accessories.

Maximilien Pellet is an artist and potter, he was born in 1991 in Paris, where he now lives and works. He graduated from the Paris École des Arts Décoratifs in 2014, and distinguished himself at the Salon Jeune Création fair in 2018, before going on to take part in Design Parade Toulon in 2019. Maximilien Pellet is passionate about drawing, and uses it to extrapolate the motifs he then engraves in clay: liquid clay which he pours, works by hand, paints, then cuts into pieces he fires, enamels and reassembles. For several years now, the artist-artisan has worked on a large scale on the history of portrayal and decorative notions. All of his work, which is inspired by geometry, colour and primitive art, can be interpreted according to the principle of the tangram. Legend has it this first originated from a terracotta brick broken into tiny pieces by a Chinese emperor; now this puzzle comprises seven basic pieces that initially form a picture, but can be reconfigured and juxtaposed to create an infinite sequence of forms. A simple problem that gives rise to a myriad of creative solutions.


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