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Bandiera per un giorno

Soprarizzo is a very precious, typically Venetian combination of cut and uncut pile, that gives a three-dimensional chiaroscuro effect. To obtain it, an extremely time-consuming manual technique is necessary: no more than 30 centimetres per day can in fact be achieved. The inspiration for this tapestry, emblematically called “flag for a day” (its colours echo the legendary flag of the Serenissima Republic), came from the impressive looms that the weavers use, and from the continuous mechanical adjustments they require, always under the attentive supervision of the weaver: a splendid example of the evolution of intelligence, and of the desire to manufacture.
The mathematical design needs to be transferred to a series of perforated cartoons; then, a complicated manual work starts, with the weaver proceeding carefully on the ancient loom to create the extraordinary effects of brocade.


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