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Close to the edge

“Having spent a great deal of time experimenting, I set out to recompose a borderline universe which brings together rock and glass, a heavy material with fragile transparency, in a way that somehow conjures up the concept of the magic of an unstable equilibrium. The collection offers cues for reflecting on the boundary between natural and artificial, between something found and something designed, and mulls over the question of whether this boundary still actually exists,” the designer explains. Working with master glassmaker Lunardon, this speculation has yielded these fascinating works of art which interpret the subject of playfulness from a highly original stance: a concept played out through something unexpected, the juxtaposition between materials pushed to their very limits, against every rule, turning perspectives and expectations on their heads with rebellious irony. “Small glasses, cups and vases defy gravity, grasping fragments of marble like molluscs clinging to a rock; they bravely stand their ground on the edge of the abyss, just like we do in our own lives”.





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