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Il Papè

The work belongs to the ‘Voyage en Sicile’ collection, inspired by the colours, forms and ceramics of Sicily. The mutual influences at work between the two islands, Murano and Sicily, are evident in the encounter between two materials, ceramic and glass. The spirit of the collection is a playful reinterpretation of the traditional Sicilian techniques of Caltagirone pottery and those of Murano glass. Sicilian symbology, from references to Magna Graecia to the Moresque, have been transferred into glass, a meeting point between technique and culture. The solidity of the ceramic material gives way to the transparencies and lightness of hand-blown glass, enriched with delicate rosy, amber or iridescent tints. Heads, jellyfish, pinecones and prickly pears are skilfully worked by the master glassblower.



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