Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence


The work reproduces a screen made to an authentic design by Renzo Mongiardino, on the basis of the original pieces dating from the early 1990s, preserved in the archives of the Decoration Workshop at San Patrignano, where the young men and women of the community were given the possibility of a long collaboration with the architect, out of which came fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings and other objects. The screen fuses past and present in a poetic and captivating decorative language that plays with reflections and citations, employing sophisticated techniques indicative of a matchless craftsmanship. On the four panels, enclosed in a structure of lacquered and waxed wood, are set combinations of paper rectangles that have been decorated by hand and polished with shellac. A vivid and noble patchwork chosen by Mongiardino and executed by the young people of San Patrignano using a variety of brush and stencil techniques. A one-off piece, born out of the encounter between refined joinery and artistic decoration.



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