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‘My imprinting as a craftsman is often evident in my designs. The know-how of these artisans is often what makes the difference and what makes possible the physical realisation of an object through an expertise that can only be handed down in concrete fashion, even in the digital age in which we live. For the Doppia Firma project the inspiration came at once when I visited the rooms of Palazzo Litta where, in addition to the incredible spaces rich in history and decoration, the family coat of arms can be seen almost everywhere. This almost obsessive repetition of the chequered gold and black device was the element that guided my first sketches, which gradually shifted from a lamp to a bowl and finally a vase. I liked the idea of reworking the chequered pattern in a graphic and contemporary way (almost like an 8-bit videogame), to which I added the element of value provided by porcelain, utilised in a sequence of layers that give a three-dimensional shape to the object while concealing the various containers for flowers, made of gilded metal, to form a sort of contemporary tulipiere.’ (Ferruccio Laviani)



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