Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence


The work has been crafted with semi-precious stones, with the time-honoured technique of commesso fiorentino, the Florentine art of stone marquetry. The pattern exalts the special aspects of the stone, respecting decorative harmony. The encounter between a contemporary design and an age-old technique of fine craftsmanship gives life to a creation suspended in time, blending creativity and technical knowledge. Among the materials employed, the labradorite stone stands out for its shiny and iridescent splendour.

The complicated technique of the “stone painting”, which found its apex in the Medici era in Florence, is nowadays practiced by only a handful of masters who take care of every phase of the realisation: from the research of the materials to the manual cutting, from the matching of the stones to the final polishing, which allows the discovery of the colours of nature in all their beauty.


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