Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence

Object 2111-11

Four rings of coloured, blown, cut and polished glass, placed one on top of the other and fused. The inspiration came from study of the vast range of artistic and technical possibilities offered by glass. It is a very natural, fluid and playful process. The artist and the artisan collaborate in this process, directing it and defining a new objective on each occasion. It is a continual creative challenge, in which the ‘joy of making’ plays a fundamental part, and one that requires great accord and mutual respect between the people involved, in their quest for a result unimaginable at the outset. Progress is made by trial and error, with expertise lending a hand to creativity to give rise to a common and meaningful project, showing respect for the material and exploiting its immense potentialities. Interest in glass as a material and a bent for research and teaching are at the root of this successful collaboration.



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