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In the new dimension of contemporary living, the screen is an object from the past which is seeing a comeback with greater value than before – a fully-fledged mobile wall which delimits and creates a space within the space, allowing it to acquire even more functions. “The inspiration was brought to life by the same location in which the work was conceived: Palazzo Litta. When walking through its rooms, which are enveloped in the beauty of a splendid past, the eyes are drawn to the decoration hat literally envelop us. And when you walk into the Mirror Hall, the effect is multiplied, and inevitably our attention is drawn higher and higher, up to the ceilings: one room after another, our sense of wonder increases, accompanied by the creaking of the wooden floors, which alternate with the terrazzo marble flooring. Here when, we look down, we notice how ornate the floors are. And these countless horizontal geometric motifs were what caught my eye, and made me think of making them the star of this object. A screen made up of a multitude of elements all assembled together, with the patinas of the different metals shining through in all their beauty,” Bodino explains. A magnificent exercise in refined creativity and outstanding craftsmanship which unfolds in the skilled way in which materials are treated with oxidation and erosion techniques.





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