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The name of the collection, Gaïa, refers to the personification of Mother Earth in Greek mythology. The five works in glass of which it is made up – Marea, Éos, Parhelia, Séléné and Aura – are one-off pieces or produced in limited editions. Each work is designed to have a dynamic relationship with light, turning the static objects into vibrant pieces in motion, similar to the natural phenomena that provided the original inspiration. In the process to create Parhelia, the liquid glass, while molten, is allowed to collapse in on itself. The resulting glass piece has been cut in quarters and turned inside out, creating a new arrangement. Patterned with both solids and voids exposed in the glass, the piece of art forms an external skin that gives the work its form. ‘We wanted to explore the different states that glass can reflect. We took our inspiration from nature and from our observation of its phenomena and of the celestial forces. The Gaïa collection reflects the visceral splendour and mutable spirit of the natural world through the beauty of glass, as well as its transitoriness, the way that it changes.’




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