Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence


VGO Associates is bringing out the chair designed by the Italian-French duo in collaboration with Giorgio Linea, one of the finest Tuscan manufacturers of leather goods. A hand-knotted chaise longue on which to lie as if it were a soft bed of flowers. A romantic immersion in petals of great delicacy shifts the point of view from outside to inside, reconnecting us with our true nature, our sensations, our visions. It has a structure of bent and perforated industrial sheet metal onto which the soft leather flowers are tied one by one and fixed with chrome-plated rings. It consists of 36 large and 57 small flowers made of hand-knotted and sewn vegetable leather. The seat is elastic and unexpectedly comfortable. The cold metal contrasts harmoniously with the warmth of the leather upholstery, while the industrial meets the handcrafted.



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