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Vaso verde, vaso blu, vaso rosso

These three projects stem from a series of experiments carried out by Nigro with the craftsmen at the Corning Museum which adopted a guiding thread for their exploration of blown glass, that of accumulation and superimposition. In the Green vase it is fascinating to observe the effected created by superimposition of the glass, like that of simple drinking glasses stacked one inside the other: the forms interlock to create other forms that visible against the light, but the reflections are different too. The glass changes colour and the shades grow more intense. In the Blue vase, the assembly of five disks piled one on top of the other while hot gives rise to a spiral form: united with its twin in pink, the two vases become one thanks to the way the disks wedge into each other and are superimposed. The Red vase was designed on the principle of a construction set with little bricks that are assembled and stacked to create structures, fortified castles, towers... The effect obtained with firing is that of a mysterious vase with scales.



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